Creating a Thinking Culture

"I would recommend Alison to any organisation that wants to go to the next level in its people development culture and offering."

Open for leaders

We work with leaders who want to create coherent change in their organisations.  Coherent change depends upon the quality of thinking that precedes it, the balance of leadership and participation that brings it to life, the respect given to current reality that contains the seeds of the future, and the tailored support for leaders and teams to carry out the change.

We support leaders, teams and individuals through all of these stages.  Our work is underpinned by our ability to create a 'thinking culture' in which leaders and teams are able to think for themselves to create solutions that work in their context.  We work with leadership teams to transform their ability to think together.  We work with leaders to create systemic change across the organisation.

Open for teams

Teams change all the time.  New people join, develop, get promoted, move on.  Sometime they need help to work out how they can best work together.  We work with managers and their teams on real issues.  It could be that they need to understand themselves and each other better.  It could be how they work with other teams and stakeholders, through influence and collaboration.  Sometimes things are just not working and they can't sort it out for themselves.  Or sometimes they just want to be even better at what they do.  We always customise our work with teams.  We bring a wealth of experience, compassion, tough love, fresh thinking and deep expertise to you and your team.

Open coaching

Our job as coaches is to enable people to think brilliantly for themselves. We do this through creating an environment based on a level of attention and listening that is rarely experienced. We help clients articulate their goals, identify blocks, and liberate fresh thinking and action.

As part of the coaching, we teach clients a transformational approach to better conversations, which they can use in their own working relationships and teams.

We deliver small group workshops which teach a powerful approach to peer coaching and mentoring, harnessing group knowledge, removing blocks and clearing the path to action.

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Winning programmes

We know first hand how to create and sustain development programmes that stand out from the crowd.  We work with you to design and deliver programmes that change the way people think and work together.  

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