Connected working: thinking together when we’re apart

While most of us are used to working remotely some of the time, we are now plunged into a situation where teams have been scattered into their separate locations and forced to try to find a way to make it work. Can we use this new situation to create better ways of being together, even when we’re physically…

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Creating a Thinking Culture in Law Firms

creating a thinking culture

‘Psychological safety’ is essential for people to bring their best thinking to the workplace.  For innovation, decision-making and managing the complexity of the business world, we need urgently to create the space to think well. Click on the link below to find out how. Modern Legal Practice Journal Fifth Ed ­ Creating a thinking culture

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How to turn 'bad news' into a great conversation

Have you ever had to give difficult feedback to a talented team member you want to motivate and inspire?  Most people encounter that situation from time to time in their working lives.  There are two possible risks:   you soft-pedal the feedback, so the recipient doesn’t really hear or understand it;  or you crush the…

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