What we do

For organisations, teams and people

Organisations, teams and the people who work in them need to be aligned in their values, vision and purpose.  We work with leaders to help create this alignment, with teams to enhance the way they work together, and with individuals to maximise their development, so that they and their organisations can flourish.

For organisations

We work with individual leaders or leadership teams to help them identify and implement their vision, strategy and values, engender and support cultural change, develop leaders and future leaders, identify and promote leadership strengths.  This work can take the form of team facilitation, individual coaching, or design and delivery of development programmes and initiatives.

"Alison is a strategic thinker who is able to achieve organizational development objectives through a variety of tactics. Her understanding of how to engage stakeholders, leaders and participants makes her a valuable consulting partner. She has developed award winning leadership programs and helped create a strong culture and talent management processes between two large firms in a recent merger.  I highly recommend her to anyone who is trying to improve organizational performance, build skills of their people and develop leaders."  Chief Learning Officer of a leading global law firm

For people

Our job as coaches is to enable people to think brilliantly for themselves. We do this through creating an environment based on a level of attention and listening that is rarely experienced. We help clients articulate their goals, identify blocks, and liberate fresh thinking and action. As part of the coaching, we also teach clients a powerful approach to better conversations, which they can use in their own working relationships and teams.

"Working with Alison has helped me through a really challenging management transition.  Through our sessions I came up with solutions I never would have thought of by myself, and had some insights about things that have been blocking me, which I know I can apply to lots of things in my life.  That's exciting!"  Partner, top twenty UK law firm

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